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Have you ever heard of Pulaski Tennessee, or

United States Military Academy at West Point?

Kazimierz (Casmir) Pulaski                                                              Tadeusz Kosciuszko

Kazimierz (Casmir) Pulaski Tadeusz Kosciuszko
Father of the US Cavalry
Recruited by Franklin in Paris
Served under Washington at Brandywine,
and won the title of Brig. General of the US Cavalry.
Died at the battle of Savannah,
Military Engineer
A cadet of the Military Academy in Warsaw,
Educated in France as an engineer
Fortified Saratoga, regarded as the "turning point"
in the history of the War  
Strategist, a hero of the U.S. War of Independence
Talked Washigton into Making the
his fortification at West Point into a military academy